No One Knows – Pau Li Liem, Harmen Fraanje & Pascal Vermeer

No One Knows

Pau Li Liem – vocals & composition
Harmen Fraanje – piano
Pascal Vermeer – drums

Recorded at the Bethlehemkerk, Studio 150 in Amsterdam
Recorded & mixed by Joeri Saal
Mastered by Peter Brussee
Video edited by David Koster ZenneZ Records

This project is made possible with the support of Makersfonds Tilburg

Lyrics No One Knows

I will walk to where the road will take me, till I can’t go on
I’m going where the sun has yet to come
I am traveling and wandering
For no one knows how long
But I promise I’ll return before you notice I am gone

Quite unsure of where I’m heading, will my feet lead me astray?
Unknowing come the morning, what I’ll face
I will make my way through forests and I’ll pace through every day
Till my path leads back to you and then forever I will stay