A Way of Life – Nyala


Nyala is on a continuous search for the balance between light and darkness. They drift towards happiness, while at the same time they dive into the depths with their songs about an insecure future, slightly chaotic lives and musings.
Nyala’s debut album consists of impressionistic music that paints cinematic images of introspection, gravity and melancholy in a seemingly beautiful world. Their music is just like their personal dynamic. Airy, cheerful and fun. Playful and interactive with space for meaningful conversations.

A diverse record, with a joint vision overarching all the different atmospheres of the album. Sometimes with doubtful thoughts about life, which they translate to their music and wherein they challenge each other. Reflecting on their life experiences so far and looking forward to what’s ahead, they share their music with you.

Pau Li Liem (vocals, piano), Stef Joosten (electric bass), Jorrit Romme (drums)