Pau Li Liem is a singer, composer and pianist. She loves to create. As a composer, in rehearsals with other musicians, and on stage, creating moments together with musicians and the audience.

Music has always been a common thread throughout her life. She gets so much energy from writing music, playing together and connecting with musicians, developing the compositions and improvisations together and of course from performing, sharing original work with the audience.

Now she has three projects, her trio Nyala with Stef Joosten (bass) and Jorrit Romme (drums) and Penny, a not-so-usual songwriting duo and band with Wytske Gratama (vocals & guitar), and she got a Carte Blanche at the Sound of Europe festival in 2021 Breda, where she performed with Harmen Fraanje (piano) and Pascal Vermeer (drums & percussion). (See projects for more info).
This year, she got to play a second Carte Blanche in April 2023 at Paradox Tilburg, where she played a concert with Harmen Fraanje, Pascal Vermeer and the Swedish cellist Svante Henryson.

In all these different projects, she composes, sings and in most cases also accompanies herself on the piano.

But whether she composes, rehearses, plays or sings, for her it is all about connecting through music with other musicians and the audience. Creating moments together. And she looks forward to creating many more moments together on stage.