No One Knows (cd) – Pau Li Liem

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You can now buy my debut album: No One Knows

Connection. Pure. Exploring.
Everyone has their own perspective and with this album I am sharing mine

No One Knows (tracklist)
1. No One Knows
2. Smouldering Embers
3. Kristal
4. Where Do You Go
5. Dragonfly
6. Wandering on the Wind
7. The Cypress
8. Where Would They Go
9. Through the Storm
10. Swifts’ Flight

The album is recorded at Studio 150 – Bethlehemkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in October 2022 / April 2023

Pau Li Liem – vocals & compositions
Harmen Fraanje – piano
Pascal Vermeer – drums
Teis Semey – electric guitar
Marijn van de Ven – double bass

recorded by Joeri Saal
mixed by Joeri Saal, Pascal Vermeer & Pau Li Liem
mastered by Peter Brussee, Q-point Digital Audio, Bussum, The Netherlands
photography by YANi
cover design by Paul Postma, Marjolein & Geert Gratama
photos in the studio by Karen van Gilst (trio photos) & Claudia Hansen (quartet photos)

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Dimensions 25,5 × 16 × 2,8 cm