More music: Nyala – A Way of Life 🔥

More new music coming your way… 🙂

Nyala – A Way of Life 🔥

Ny-a-la (he/him, she/her, he/him)
1 Indonesian word for flame
2 band from Tilburg (with their own vocabulary)
3 also the band that’s going to release their debut album ‘A Way of Life’ on May 10th 2024 🎶

Hi everyone!

One year ago we recorded our very first album and it is almost time to share our music with you!🤩
This month we’ll release two singles and in May it’s time for ALBUM FIYAHHH (as we have been calling it since we had the plan to record 😜)

But the actual name of the album is: ‘A Way of Life’ and we’ll share more about this concept later.

We hope you are as excited as we are, we can’t wait to share our album with you!

Stay tuned for A Way of Life 🔥May 10th 2024

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