Véras – Boring Festival

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Boring Festival

7:15 PM

Concert with Véras - Cas Erkeland - Geert van Oorschot - Rutger Dingemans

Véras Fawaz (29) is a musician, singer, songwriter, presenter, and filmmaker. After his debut EP ‘Ali’ in 2018, where he sings deep, honest lyrics about his Islamic father, his deceased brother, and personal issues over slow lo-fi beats, he released the EP ‘Destructie’ in 2020.

As a filmmaker, Veras has proven himself as a great talent in recent years, creating a short film and music videos for prominent names in the Dutch music scene. This talent is increasingly evident in the way he approaches his music.

2023 will be the year of his debut album; ‘Het Niets’: a multidimensional music project where these various talents come together for the first time.


Venue Details

Parklab / Klein Haarlem Voorhelmstraat 25-101
Haarlem, 2012 ZM
The Netherlands