CHANGE OF PLANS! No One Knows – single release✨

The release was supposed to be this Friday, but due to a mistake from the distributor, the release will be Friday next week, on January 26th!

I am a little bit bummed about it, because I was really looking forward to sharing this song with you already, but then again, everyone makes mistakes, and I am starting to learn that nothing will go exactly as planned.
And I’m also not completely bummed about it, because now I get to share a bit of the album concept with you, since it coincidentally fits this situation perfectly😊

No One Knows is about not knowing what will happen. Not knowing exactly what someone else thinks or even what you might think. For me this album is about the unpredictability of life. And when something unexpected happens, I often appreciate it, even if it’s not how I initially wanted it to go.
I think it is very scary, but also so beautiful that we do not know what will happen, who we are, who others are. That it is a journey to find out what it is that you want and how you get there.
That you meet people along the way and sometimes you know them for a long time, sometimes you only know them briefly and that everyone has their own unique point of view.

This is not just the concept of the album, it is also how I try to look at everything and I do believe that everything happens for a reason😌

If you have any comment, question or are curious about the album, the concept or anything, feel free to share, or send me a message, I’m always up for these conversations and curious about your experience🙃

I do want to apologize for the confusion about the release date, but I am also glad that I got to share the concept of the album with you already and I hope you have a nice evening😇

This picture was also taken by the amazing YANi and it is the picture of the single cover No One Knows!🤍

Ps the pre-save link still works, just for the new date, soooo there is extra time to pre-save this first single😉 (

No One Knows – January 26th 2024

Pau Li Liem
Harmen Fraanje
Pascal Vermeer

ZenneZ Records

This project is made possible with the support of Makersfonds Tilburg🤍

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*for real this time😜